Linsey Vonn (USA) kurz vor dem Ziel

The calm before the storm

Last preparations before the official start of the Ski World Cup

The World Cup slope on the Ofterschwanger Horn has already been perfectly prepared. At the side event locations, however, helpers are still busy with preparations in the last hours before the official start of the Ski World Cup in Ofterschwang. Holes are drilled, screws are tightened wherever you look in order to give everything the finishing touch. For example, the German TV station ZDF has already position its huge outside broadcast vans at the press centre and quite a few kilometres of cable have been laid for the live broadcasts from Oberallgäu on Saturday and Sunday. Inside the press centre, everything is all set to accommodate the roughly 200 accredited journalists and photographers from all over the world. In the stadium, most preparations were of technical nature, such as the time measurement or the sound check for the stands. Even the first TV cameras have already been installed. Despite all of the busy workers, this has still been the calm before the storm on the !
Ofterschwanger Horn. Only a few curious onlookers have been visiting the site where thousands of spectators and fans are expected to enjoy the races this weekend.

Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm