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Interview with 23-year-old Viktoria Rebensburg, double winner of 2012

Miss Rebensburg, what feelings do you have about coming to Ofterschwang? This not going to be a race like any other for you, after what happened last year...

Viktoria Rebensburg: I have only the most positive of memories of last year. It was an absolutely perfect weekend for me. At the beginning of March, too. I remember two extremely beautiful days. Of course, this kind of thing is hard to beat. It's probably impossible. But I look forward to returning to Ofterschwang. I want to try to deliver a good race at the end of the season in the Giant Slalom too and show what I can really do. And that's why I am really excited about the races in Ofterschwang.

Do you expect to place in one of the top positions?

Rebensburg: We'll see at the end of this weekend. I will definitely try to ski well, have fun and enjoy the atmosphere and everything else again just like last year. But it's certainly going to be difficult, also because the material is just totally different. That is why I'm curious whether I can deliver what I've set my mind on for this race at home.

Is the pressure greater after the double success of 2012?

Rebensburg: No, I don't feel the pressure. I want to enjoy it and look forward to the audience. We*ll see what happens...

You've mentioned the atmosphere in Ofterschwang. You and many other teams are accommodated in the Hotel Resort Sonnenalp. A place where others spend expensive wellness holidays... Do you even have the time to enjoy this?

Rebensburg: Yes, of course, this is a kind of treat we hardly get anywhere else during the World Cup. The Sonnenalp certainly is a highlight for me. As I said, everything around the races, the fantastic atmosphere, this is what I want to enjoy this weekend.

The two 10th places in Super G and 8th in the Downhill race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen last weekend wasn't would have wanted I assume...

Rebensburg: Yes, that's true. I wasn't too happy about it. After the 8th place in Downhill, which went well, I definitely wanted to improve my performance in the second Super G.

What mistakes did you make?

Rebensburg: You always have to take a risk and ski to the limit, if you want to get to the top positions. And that's what I've tried to do in Garmisch. But there were a few slips in some sections which I had absolutely wanted to avoid in the second Super G. But these kind of mistakes happen during races. I was still angry about it.

You've recently won the small globe in the Giant Slalom twice. The chance of a repeat success is definitely gone for this season. How satisfied or unsatisfied are you with the season so far?

Rebensburg: Yes, the globe is definitely gone. In general, I have to say that I have been skiing on a very, very high level in the last two seasons. Of course, it's hard to confirm this every single year. I also have to live with the situation when things are not perfect. So far, this has been a good season. Especially in the Giant Slalom, I have been able to show constant results, even though I haven't been as dominant as in the previous year. I still haven't managed to ideally adjust to the new material. I wasn't able to adapt my technique as quickly as other racers. But I will continue working on this - especially during the summer, so that I can strike again next season.

Interview: Thomas Weiß, Ofterschwang Media Team

Viktoria Rebensburg
Viktoria Rebensburg